And So It Goes


My story begins here – 

The words I publish in this blog are for no reason other than to hopefully inspire and motivate women on a daily basis. I am not a feminist though I am a believer in equality and I feel that both those words mean different things.

I hope to send out positive vibes and use this page to write my thoughts and views on everyday topics and life for women in general. I do hope you enjoy and please do get in touch with your thoughts as this is not a one sided conversation.

Enjoy this beautiful day ❤

– T

Me Too.

There has been a lot of talk about sexual harassment to women over the last few days due to a status takeover on FB of “Me Too”. Reading the experiences of my friends and family and even strangers has really opened my eyes, it’s very shocking and instead of feeling sad I feel ANGRY.

Obviously I am a huge advocate for Equality and this “Me Too” movement is another example of how much work we have ahead of us in making this change. Every single day in my workplace I am made to feel less competent as a Woman, I even dress myself down to feel more like a man, you know – less makeup, less effort. I keep a neutral state of mind to ensure I do not let men see emotions in case they don’t understand and just see me as incompetent.

There have been numerous times when males have joked about another colleague going on maternity leave and giving up her career etc etc. I admit that I have joined them in these conversations and I feel terrible about it, this means that women like myself are part of the problem.

This all changes today. Thankfully this “Me Too” movement somehow changed my entire mindset on my day to day life.

Go on..Tell me your stories?

Moving Overseas

Recently my partner went overseas for work and decided to stopover in London for a week. He started looking at house prices and calculating living expenses just to see how it differs from Australia.

We had spoken about moving overseas for a few years to work and see how the other half live though it never felt so real, like we would actually do it. I’m currently in a great position at work and the thought of leaving makes me feel ill.

The move could benefit us in our careers in so many ways, though it could also set us back…you know the general pros and cons la la la.

Have you moved overseas before? Did you love it or hate it? Should I just say what the heck lets go?!

Tell me your thoughts!


Local Love.

I grew up in a small town close to the beach where each day you would smile and say hello to anyone and everyone, this is something I’ve always missed since moving to the city.

I currently live in the inner west and absolutely adore where I live, but the one thing I miss is that local love. 

Today I realised something amazing – I have created the local love myself. Walking home from the station each day I wave at the local cafe. Getting my coffee in the morning and having the daily chats with the cafe owners. Even just the fact that they know my coffee order (piccolo) now! 

I think if we all just put in a little effort to converse with people it makes all the difference.

Do you have local love in your big city?

Gender Equality 

Currently in Australia there is a vote taking place on Marriage Equality to which I will vote yes, however I can’t seem to lose the thought in my mind of how this is even a consideration when we are still so far behind in Gender Equality? 

I feel terrible writing this and almost selfish though is that because I’m a Woman and tend to think more about others before myself? 

Tell me your thoughts.. 💭 

Paternity Leave.

Look at this picture and tell me what is wrong with it?

Ok so I am a Woman who wants a family eventually. Right now I am building my career and want to have at least one child when I’m in my mid 30’s, there is nothing wrong with that. In my career I will eventually have the potential to earn a lot more than my partner, I also have no desire to be a stay at home mum. This does not mean that I want my child to be in daycare all day everyday, it means I want my partner to be entitled to Paternity leave.

Why is this not yet an option? I am considering not having children if this doesn’t change, am I weird or is society so behind in this? Look at the above picture, the poor man can’t even go into a public bathroom to change his child, it’s just assumed that women will predominantly look after the child so therefore they include the change tables in women’s toilets – this actually makes me outraged.

Tell me you thoughts…?

Mental Health – Let’s talk about it.

Mental Health is something I think about daily and we all should be doing the same.

I need to talk about my Mental Health in order to balance my mind and feel normal, there’s nothing worse than keeping it all inside. I am a very emotional and empathetic person and because of this I am aware that I need to keep myself away from certain situations. It could be the negative energy from someone at work, or a friend that’s going through a breakup and can’t move on – it sounds crazy but because I am so empathetic it’s almost like I take on their emotions and become them, it’s not healthy.

If your interested, here are some of the daily things I do to balance my emotions and create a positive energy;

Headspace App – it’s a great tool to use in any situation whether it be sleep, anxiety, study or work. All you need is 10 minutes to put your headphones in and take time for yourself to refresh and rebalance.

Calm App – I use this purely for Sleep Stories, I really struggle to switch off at bedtime and the stories really take me to a peaceful place. I love it!

Exercise – so important! Even if it’s 20 minutes a day, it really makes you feel good about yourself.

Another thing that I make sure I do is to appreciate my surroundings, I try to take 20secs each day to appreciate earth and how lucky I am to be alive and healthy.

Tell me, what’s your daily routine towards bettering your mental health?

Feminist VS Feminism VS Equalist.

Tahlia Whistler_edited

We all know that you cannot bring up the word “Feminist” in front of a Male, you will feel the tension straight away and notice that the present Male will slowly step away from you like your a psycho.

It makes me wonder why this is? In my opinion, a Feminist is someone who takes part in ways to promote and better Gender Equality. However recently I do notice that Women are uneducated and use the word “Feminist” negatively toward men to almost demote Males in order to prove Females are better. Feminism should be about making positive changes in Gender Equality and educating both Genders on how we can continue making small changes in order to have a more equal future. Us Women need to remember that we will never be the “same” as men, our bodies are different.

This is why I am an equalist, I believe in equal rights and equal opportunities. I do not want to demote Men or make them feel bad for the current issues we are facing. I do however want to continue educating them and ensure that they are empathising with us Women and our situation, instead of them not understanding and ignoring it.

I want to continue this conversation so please share your thoughts, I feel very passionate about this topic and am always open to other opinions.